Sacrament of Baptism

Baptisms are celebrated in both churches.

St. Patrick's Church, Clogh baptisms are held on Sunday's at 11.45am and in Sacred Heart Church, Moneenroe on Saturday's at 5.p.m 

If the same date is requested by more than one family then a multiple ceremony is celebrated. Two week's notice is required in all instances. 

A parent of the child to be baptised should make direct contact with the parish office to arrange the baptism. Each child is required to have two sponsors, at least one of whom must be Catholic and a witness to our faith. 

Baptism is the first of our seven sacraments and is required before any other sacrament can be conferred. 

A baptismal candle is required for each child and should not have been used before. All symbols on the candle should be Christian. 

To book a baptism please contact the Parish Office 056 444 1942 or email:

Clogh Parish, Co. Kilkenny | Tel: 056 440 1942